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Galverse Newsletter - Issue #2

Galverse Newsletter
Galverse Newsletter
WAGMAA! Welcome to the second Shinsei Galverse monthly newsletter, shooting across time & space to make the galaxy a better place.

Shinsei Galverse - May Town Hall
Gals in Japan!
Team Galverse, united at last!
Team Galverse, united at last!
Ayaka and Emi are based in Tokyo, Devin in California, and Wailoaloa in Australia. The team launched Shinsei Galverse without all meeting each other IRL!
That all changed when we met up in Tokyo in May. We sat down to layout the direction, values and vision of Galverse, our solid plans for WAGMAA, and much more.
Of course, we also spent our time meeting with anime studios, producers, and legends of the industry. Let’s share some of that…
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
NYC memories 💫

Thanks for every Gal who turned out. We'll see you all next time for something special 🌠
Legends of Anime!
Ayaka, Morimoto-san, and Emi!
Ayaka, Morimoto-san, and Emi!
Koji Morimoto! Assistant Director of AKIRA.
Moriomoto-san has been a key creator of hits like Macross Plus, Animatrix, SPRIGGAN, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Mind Game, Space Cobra and more.
On top of being an amazing animator and director, he also started his own studio and created many original works.
Galverse’s amazing artist Ayaka and Morimoto-san bonded over their shared teacher, legendary anime director and animator Manabu Ohashi.
Ohashi-sensei recently passed away, and had worked on major projects like Astro Boy, Space Cobra, Cyborg 009, Ashita no Joe 2, Metropolis and more.
We hope to spend more time with Morimoto-san in the near future.
Stream Shinsei Galverse DJ Mix 
by Ginkgo Journal
Wailoaloa, Ayaka, Masuo Ueda, Emi, and Devin!
Wailoaloa, Ayaka, Masuo Ueda, Emi, and Devin!
Masuo Ueda! Producer of Mobile Suit Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, City Hunter, and so much more!
Ueda-san is a legendary anime producer. If you wrote down your 5 favorite anime, chances are he was involved in at least a couple of them!
Beyond being just a producer, he was also the president of Aniplex and A-1 Pictures. Now he’s an independent producer with his own company.
He was deeply interested in Galverse’s WAGMAA mission and the world of Web3. Ueda-san had some strong views on how NFTs and Web3 can help the processes of anime production, which are pretty old-school.
Wailoaloa told him that Bebop inspired a whole new generation of jazz & blues lovers. He said, making Bebop was one of the hardest projects ever - doing so many new and creative things!
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
☆ From Tokyo to New York City ☆

We loved to meet so many badass Gal Pals and connect NYC with our creative friends from Japan! 💌

Every Gal Holder we met was a superstar. Thank you for sharing your stories and spending your time with us 🙏

Vibes 📷
Emi, Ayaka, Tomokazu Seki, Wailoaloa, and (missed the pose) Devin!
Emi, Ayaka, Tomokazu Seki, Wailoaloa, and (missed the pose) Devin!
Tomokazu Seki! The voice of major characters in One Piece (Rob Lucci), Psycho-Pass (Kogami), Jujutsu Kaisen (Panda), Evangelion, Bleach, Persona and much more.
Seki-san has his own show about the metaverse, where he appears as a 3D character and IRL!
He told us he only had a shallow understanding of the world of Web3, but we found him to be engaging, intelligent and very creative!
A small sample of the characters Seki-san has voice-acted!
A small sample of the characters Seki-san has voice-acted!
We talked about how Web3 projects like Shinsei Galverse could help voice actors, and he had some great ideas for how we might work together.
The team met with plenty of other awesome and amazing people on our trip! Too many to mention in one newsletter!
We had a great time discussing Galverse and our vision for Web3 anime with folks from Hulu Japan, the founder of Crunchy Roll Japan and a heap of other superstars!
The team also met some amazing Web3 creators IRL, like Friends With You, Eri Harigai, Professor Crypton, Galverse mod and NFT artist Sawaco, and many more!
Gal Collabos
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
Some strange v̸̙̚ō̷͚ḭ̸̆d̶̲̕ ̶̙̒ẻ̴͜n̴̮͒e̴̖͊r̴̢͛g̸̤͛y̸͍͂ has been leaking from the Galverse discord...

Sssstay ssssafe out there..!
We were very pleased to be asked by our friends at CPG Club to create some unique art for the CPG ‘POP’ collection!
Amazing artist Ayaka went above and beyond and put together the Gal action figure above! So badass!
The team also joined Robotos at their Shibuya Scramble Square event to paint a unique Galverse take on a Robotos character!
Emi 🌠,🌠
Introducing our new gal pal
the Roboto Gal 🤖
Humanoid gal reincarnated as a household robot across time and space
Domo Arigato Roboto🌠
Gals in the News!
My artwork is in Times Square!! dream came true❤️‍🔥🗽
@galverseNFT を通して昔からの夢だったタイムズスクエアのビジョンを飾る夢が叶ったー!Thanks to everyone's support!
We had a big run of interviews while the whole team was in Tokyo!
Had so much fun at lunch with these amazing people!!! 😸💙

@emikusano @ayaka_oohira @betty_nft
Emi live on NewsPicks!
Emi live on NewsPicks!
Emi 🌠
gm 🌞last night, I danced with Seneca @allseeingseneca at the @Deadfellaz after party until the morning. She is the best dressed I’ve seen at #NFTNYC2022
Thank you for being in this space. I appreciate the art you are building💙
Emi appeared on NewsPicks to talk about NFTs, Web3 and Shinsei Galverse! Over 750,000 people in Japan tuned in to watch!
Emi 🌠
【What will Web3 bring to Japanese creativity?】
After the recent #ncc2022tokyo, we talked about the future of the NFT landscape in Japan.
Feat: @VERBAL_AMBUSH @5putniko @seanbonner @jaesonma

Youtube: All in English w/ Japanese sub
Check it out!!

'Act natural for the camera'
'Act natural for the camera'
NHK interviewed the whole team about the launch of Galverse and our goal to make an anime!
We even posted some announcements to the Discord while on camera! They were really interested in the community-driven element of the project.
Emi had to go back into the NHK studio a bit later to react to the videos of the team getting interviewed. They even dubbed over Devin & Wailoaloa’s voices in Japanese.
Hey, NHK - we’re subs-only over here!!
We were also interviewed for a piece with Business Insider Japan!
Once the interviews are published, we’ll be sure to share them in our discord!
Noah Opinion - NFTs will (probably) be back.
“Galverse has figured out a possible new method to use NFTs as tickets to new realms of fun.”
Noah’s article is behind a paywall (gotta make a living) but we recommend signing up for a trial if you’d like to check it out!
Emi 🌠,🌠
Find us in the Japanese newspapers!
We made the newspapers in Japan too!
We’ve also filmed something special for the community and to reach out to new Gals! Stay tuned!
Gals IRL!
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse

WAGMAA is coming to Times Square! 🚀🚀🚀

Our amazing artist @ayaka_oohira has been selected for the @NFT_NYC Art Showcase! 🌠
We’re super proud of our amazing artist Ayaka, who was selected as an artist for the NFT NYC ‘Diversity of NFT Art’ showcase. We’re hoping to see her art up in lights in Times Square!
Shinsei Galverse will also be on display soon at the GASHO 2.0 Gallery in Osaka, Japan!

出展作品名 新星ギャルバース(Shinsei Galverse)

作品紹介: 8888体のギャルバースが使命を持って銀河に散らばり、

While we were all in Tokyo, we all had the chance to catch up with Friend of Galverse, Verbal, IRL! Check out that Web2 vs Web3 me style!
Ayaka’s art was also displayed at the major hip hop festival ‘POP YOURS’ in Chiba!
#popyours をつけて是非SNSにもアップしてください😉✨

Holder Exclusives!
Oh yeah, we met Kanye by the way (and shilled him Galverse).
Oh yeah, we met Kanye by the way (and shilled him Galverse).
On top of our usual exclusives like weekly team notes, Galpha giveaways and more, we posted daily diaries of the Japan trip!
Holders got the inside track on our meetings, adventures and more!
We’ve got plenty more planned for June, including more Galpha giveaways, competitions, collaborations and special news.
Ayaka has also started sharing sneak peeks of the world of Galverse, as she begins working on the Manga!
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
(づ˘ ³˘)づ *。・:*:・゚💌 Gal Holders

In the exclusive 𝑩𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒌 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑼𝒏𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒆 channels of Galverse Discord, @ayaka_oohira shares her work.

Character design, story notes, and special details from the world of Shinsei Galverse 💫

In both English & Japanese!
WAGMAA on the way!
We met with a whole bunch of anime producers, studios, and distributors during our team camp in Japan!
While we have a few solid options on the table already, the team is committed to making the best possible production of Shinsei Galverse.
So, we’ll be meeting with more producers, studios, and artists in the near future to gather a pool of great options for WAGMAA.
The two most important factors for us, are:
  1. Creative control for Ayaka and Emi;
  2. Community involvement in the WAGMAA process!
A lot of people we met understand and support both of these goals already. Stay tuned for our first WAGMAA engagements with the community, and plenty of awesome experiments before then!
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
Join @ZombieZooArt, TOEI Animation, and the Shinsei Galverse team for a special anime Spaces! 🚀

We'll be celebrating the release of the @ZombieZooAnime trailer + talking WAGMAA with the Toei Producer, Akari Yanagawa!

Set that 🔔🔔🔔!
We also spoke to Toei Animation producer, Ms Akari Yanagawa, about her work in the industry, and involvement in the Zombie Zoo Anime! Listen to the recording at the link above!
We finally got the verified tick on OpenSea! 
Galverse Stories!
The team will be sharing special stories about the traits of Shinsei Galverse! Stay tuned for more. This mysterious eye patch came up first…
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
☆。・:*:・゚・ Trait Story ・゚・:*:・。☆

Chunibyo's Patch! 😜

This ultra-rare item is an anime trope that Ayaka just had to include!
Our favorite fan art!
As always, our amazing community has been producing quality art!
We have some super-high quality commissions from some of our favorite Gal Pals, a custom outfit by a special Gal Holder, and more!
What a incredible work by @in9finale of my @galverseNFT ! The details, the artistic touch and much more💗✨Thank you so much! Also thank you @mondoggg an excellent collector and builder in the space👑! Hope the galverse team @emikusano and @devinmancuso like it as much🥳✨🙌🏻
D⬢goshii, Giver Of Tshirts
My fren @Bonne_Syu did an awesome custom of one of my fav gals in my collection. Inspired by Ruby Heart from Capcom

🏴‍☠️ Space Pirate @galverseNFT Vibes 🏴‍☠️
Heroic Story

The Iron Gate Guild of Fortunata gifts you this derivative work of your Gal, by the renowned @Lyndceyarts

Decentralized storytelling is the future of storytelling, and no other projects are doing it better than @shibuyaxyz and @galverseNFT🌠
Mika Sawae さわえみか@metaverse|Web3|
Leni Undergrove のホルダーなので自分改変にしちゃいました!!!! これを!!!!Discordで!!!!使う!!!!売りません!!!自分用!!!!!
@galverseNFT #Galverse
Community member Huncho Pete has been working on this Galverse x Meta Angels crossover!
Community member Huncho Pete has been working on this Galverse x Meta Angels crossover!
Tweet of the Month!
shiz is... (100% that WITCH 🪄)
I'm... I'm in the ギャルバース now after weeks of FOMO 😭🥹🙏🏾 WAGMAA!! 🚀 I grew up loving anime but the idea of a character with my skin tone seemed impossible... now here I am with this actual galactic goddess. Thank you @galverseNFT @emikusano, so excited for what's to come!
The team put a lot of thought and work into making Galverse a project that would resonate with Gals all over the galaxy. It’s really rewarding to see the sentiment in the tweet above!
See you in NYC!
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a party at (NFT) NYC with our friend pplpleasr@ and the team from We’ve booked out the Lightbox on June 23 and look forward to seeing some of your IRL! RSVP details for gal holders will be posted in the discord soon.
Open Roles
We’re looking for some amazingly talented folks to help us out with some upcoming projects! At the moment we are actively looking for these roles:
Illustrator (Nostalgic Anime style)
3D Environment Artist
In line with Galverse’s values, all positions with Galverse are paid
Please see the discord for more details.
If this sounds like you, please reach out using the forms below!
If you know someone who might be a good fit, please share the links below with them!
Illustrator application form:
3D Environment Artist application form:
Before you go...
Emi & Ayaka would really appreciate your vote in the NFT Now ‘NFT100’, a celebration of 100 influential creators & community figures in the Web3 Space.
Voting is open until June 10th!
Emi 🌠,🌠
gm frens🙏 I would like to ask you for a favor. If you have time until June 10th,
I would be honored if you nominated @emikusano and @ayaka_oohira for one of these spots ❤️

go to:

Ayaka Ohira
Emi Kusano

from @galverseNFT
Market talk!
It’s always nice to wake up to a sweep. Head to the #broom-closet in our Discord for all market chatter!
nice sweep @farokh do we like the gals??

disclosure: i am a large holder of these bc i luv anime

And that's it!
The team had the most amazing trip together.
We feel a real sense of responsibility to each other, and to our amazing community of Gal Holders and Gal fans.
It was a chance to get to know each other better, push towards our community goal of WAGMAA, and set a really solid foundation for the future of Shinsei Galverse.
And, of course, get some karaoke done. Now that’s team building!
See you at NFT NYC..!
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