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Galverse Newsletter
Galverse Newsletter
WAGMAA! Welcome to the first Shinsei Galverse monthly newsletter, shooting across time & space to make the galaxy a better place.

Shinsei Galverse - April Town Hall!
Town Hall Recording:
Our Quarterly Roadmap - Revealed!
We'll release the next phase of the Roadmap at the end of June! Not far away!
We'll release the next phase of the Roadmap at the end of June! Not far away!
WAGMAA Phase 1 - Revealed!
WAGMAA is underway. We're already meeting with studios and anime professionals!
WAGMAA is underway. We're already meeting with studios and anime professionals!
Community Updates!
We’ve grown the team! We’d like to welcome onboard our newest Gal Cadets, soon to be fully fledged moderators:
  • Miss Purple
  • Myelo
  • Sawaco
  • ItsYukiMe
  • Jong Lennon
Please give them a warm welcome and some applause in the server!
We received well over 100 applications for the community spots, with great applicants from all over the world.
There were so many amazing candidates - so if you missed out, please be assured we’re keeping your details handy for any future roles too.
We really appreciate everyone who made the effort to apply!
Holder Exclusives!
Discord has been totally rebuilt since reveal day!
We’ve shifted from pre-sale mode to WAGMAA mode. That means our top priority is providing exclusive spaces and experiences for Gal Holders.
Some of the Gal Holder exclusives:
  • Ayaka’s Desk - watch Ayaka live stream drawing right in Discord.
  • Prismatic Gal music stream - listen to Emi’s Galverse theme song!
  • Brink Announcements - special announcements & sneak peeks.
  • Weekly team notes - special check-ins from the team, just for holders.
  • Galpha - mint-list giveaways and early access to projects we love.
  • Brink Chat - holders only chat.
  • Broom Closet & Barter - talk trades, markets and more.
  • Otaku Chat - anything non-crypto (anime, movies, pets, interests!)
  • R̸̝̎i̵͖̕f̴̩̓t̶̜̾ ̷̭͝P̵̙̊o̵̱͠r̶̙̆t̴͍͐a̶͈͐l̵̰͂s̷͎͝ - not sure about this one…
We’ve also opened up a general chat for visitors to Galverse (make them feel welcome!).
There’s plenty more to come - think community movie nights, competitions of all kinds with great prizes, more parties, more giveaways, more everything!
A little snippet from the team's weekly notes! Galverse Jump!
A little snippet from the team's weekly notes! Galverse Jump!
Gals in the news!
Emi 🌠,🌠
gm galverse✨
we were featured on Japanese TV!

We hope this will be an opportunity for many people in Japan to learn about Galverse & NFT😍

It's such a nice edit, but there's actually more story behind, and we'll continue to tell you gals!!!!!
Gals IRL!
Galverse is soon having its first IRL exhibition at the NFT Museum in Naruto City, Japan! NFT Naruto Museum aims to popularize and develop NFT artworks in Japan - it’s the first and only NFT museum in Japan so far!
To commemorate this special event, they’re running a Gal giveaway right now - ending in less than 24 hours from the time this newsletter heads out!
Friends of Galverse!
Can't believe that🥹
I just join @galverseNFT now💥💥💥

Thank you for amazing creative @ayaka_oohira @emikusano 💖

#新しいプロフィール画像 #Galverse
We welcomed a lot of amazing Gals into ‘Friends of Galverse’ this month!
Our newest friend is Kurumi Nakata, a legendary Harajuku street icon, talented actress, ambassador, and creator!
Thanks for getting us to 30,000 followers!
Thanks for getting us to 30,000 followers!
Legendary designer Chuck from NoPattern studio made this amazing poster for our pre-launch talk in FWB DAO! This is where the team met, so it was a special moment to go back and talk to the community about the journey.
Friends With Benefits ($FWB)
This is now a Galverse stan account ・゚・:*:・。☆

Join us for NFT Pirate Radio w/ @emikusano and @OnlyWailoaloa talking about @galversenft, in conversation with @drewcoffman.

Today at 5PM PT / 8PM ET in the Discord
Our favorite fan art!
It’s hard not to love a special piece from the superstar, Super Gremplin!
Just remember though, he’s not open for work.
DeadFella-fied! Amazing work and community spirit from Waldorf!
As promised… to the winner of my contest for a 1/1 custom @galverseNFT X @Deadfellaz 💫💀derivative…@moodSlime_ - I hope you like her. I’ll mint her this week for you and send her over. Congratulations! Comment below and turn on notifications for the next contest!
Gal Pal harumakida experimenting with AR & Galverse’s cosmic energy!
Amazing commission by DRΞS13 of a stylish space Gal!
errorgardener used deep learning to turn Gals into galactic flowers! Click through to see their transformation process.
There were so many more too! Special shout out to Kup Puw, hori_desu, MoodSlime, fugimax, Lumo, djkitkat, nobrainer, StarTracker, AlyAsh, 0xDaruneru, KAM-T, ItsYukiMe, DC, and Huncho Pete - we loved all your art in the fanart channel!
Market talk!
The team were totally blown away by the Galverse launch!
We had been working for so long, and really hard, to build a great project with a long-term vision and strong community.
But you never know what will happen until it happens!
And that’s what happened. What can we say? We appreciate everyone’s support and belief in Shinsei Galverse, more than we can put into words.
This is the start of a long and magical journey together, and the strong start has really opened up the possibilities for this project!
As a team and community, it’s time to start building Web3’s first community-driven anime: Shinsei Galverse!
We won’t let you down!
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