Galverse #7 - VTubers, Vending Machines, Manga and more!



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Galverse Newsletter
Galverse Newsletter
WAGMAA! Welcome to the seventh Shinsei Galverse monthly newsletter, shooting across time & space to make the galaxy a better place.
This issue is so jam packed it’s being cut in half by Gmail, so remember to click that VIEW ONLINE link above to make sure you don’t miss any updates!

Listen to the October Town Hall Twitter Spaces here!
Town Hall Tweet Thread!
New Manga Pages!
Our first glimpse of a Gal!
Our first glimpse of a Gal!
Ayaka has been hard at work - a bunch of new manga pages were uploaded to last week! Check it out!
The Vending Machine is live!
Feel like a cold brink? The Shinsei Galverse Vending Machine is now up at!
More than just a beautifully animated and illustrated digital storefront, it’s our own mini-metaverse.
See the VM in beautiful motion on the Galverse website!
See the VM in beautiful motion on the Galverse website!
We can release any kind of NFT or smart-contract backed item in here:
  • Free mints (with the first one dropping soon!)
  • Gal NFT upgrades
  • Unique project collaborations
  • Physical Backed Tokens (PBTs)
  • Merch and physical goods
  • + much more
The view once you've connected your wallet + synced your Gal
The view once you've connected your wallet + synced your Gal
The first item in the Vending Machine is the VTuber Gal Upgrade - more on that shortly!
We’ve designed a unique connect + sync + mint flow. Connect your wallet - sync your Gal - mint upgrades and items. It allows not just minting to your wallet, but associating items and upgrades with your specific Gal NFTs.
Think trait-gating - special items and mints for Gals with specific traits or metadata. We can check the content of your wallet for POAPs and partnered collection NFTs and offer special content based on that data too - really, anything onchain or offchain can change up what the vending machine has on offer!
The first physical items from Galverse will also be offered through the vending machine. So will tickets to our next event.
We’re building in seasonality and time-based events for the Vending Machine too. Right now, it’s always night time on the cyberpunk planet where the machine lives - but in the future it’ll change its look in real time, and items will come and go at certain times of day or during events in the year.
Team Galverse is also in discussion with other teams to add cross-over items and collections for holders of either or both collections. Interoperability is an awesome part of Web3 and something we embrace.
Down the track, we’re planning on a community spotlight where our talented Gal community can offer their handmade merch and art commissions within the machine itself too.
Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for information on some upcoming free mints and artist collaborations which will be dropping in the Vending Machine before long!
VTubers public launch is live!
The Galverse VTubers are out of beta and had their first release in the Vending Machine! Batch one sold out in minutes!
Check out Sally Danger’s amazing launch video on the tweet below:
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
VTubers go live - today!

After a lot of work from @VoltakuStudios, @SallyDanger, our Gal Beta Testers, amazing developers and more…

We are so excited to drop the first batch of VTubers in the Vending Machine later today! 💫
Each VTuber is a hand-crafted item, made with love and care by Sally Danger from Voltaku Studios! She’s been busy rigging each trait in the collection, breathing life and personality into every single Gal.
As they’re handmade, we’re beginning with small batches released every week in the Shinsei Galverse Vending Machine.
As more traits are rigged and we automate more of the creation process, we plan to up the tempo of releases in the near future!
The Gal VTuber Upgrade is a permanent metadata upgrade to your Genesis Gal NFT.
The Gal VTuber Upgrade is a permanent metadata upgrade to your Genesis Gal NFT.
Once a week, 10 Gal Upgrades are released in the Vending Machine.
We aim to give 24 hours notice in the Discord ahead of a new drop, and each week the drop time will change to accommodate different time zones.
When you mint the Gal VTuber Upgrade in the Shinsei Galverse Vending Machine, your genesis Gal NFT is permanently upgraded with ‘VTuber Enabled’ metadata.
Gal Upgrades are our way of delivering extra utility and functionality to your genesis Gal NFT without diluting the collection and our collectors.
We aim to deliver your VTuber files within a week. They’ll show up as a download link on your upgrade in the Vending Machine itself. Galverse provides you with the full Live2D files for your Gal, which can be used in basically any VTubing app - there are plenty of great free and paid options across desktop and mobile!
You’ll also receive a just-for-fun memento ‘Purikura’ NFT. These are kawaii custom artworks we deliver to your wallet as special thanks for taking part in the VTuber upgrade.
How cute! An example of a 'developed' Purikura Memento NFT.
How cute! An example of a 'developed' Purikura Memento NFT.
The VTuber upgrade costs 0.015 ETH - less than $20 USD. This is primarily to disincentivise bots and flippers from grabbing the upgrades and dropping them on the secondary market while VTubers are still scarce.
All Gals will be able to get their VTuber Upgrade before long - but first up, we want to get them into the hands of Gals who are excited to make awesome stuff!
On that note, we’ll be announcing details of our creator fund in the near future. The majority of mint funds from the upgrade will be going towards rewarding Gal community members creating awesome stuff with their VTuber.
Special thanks to our VTuber partners Sally Danger and Voltaku Studios, our amazing developers, and Gal Beta Testers who put so much work and effort into this launch!
We’re looking forward to explore the future of digital identity with our amazing Gal Holders!
And of course, we’re already planning and working on the next Gal Upgrades too - stay tuned…
Galverse Art Matsuri is over!
What a month! Our celebration of creativity and artists has come to a spectacular end, with four category winners crowned, and a community favourite chosen.
We saw well over 200 entries across the four categories, gave away well over 8 ETH in prizes to over 40 winners, and were blown away by the quality of the entries that came in.
Chama Kou's winning 2D Category piece!
Chama Kou's winning 2D Category piece!
Since we ended up with so many more entries than we expected - the majority in the 2D category - we crowned an extra 13 winners with Galverse NFT prizes to show our appreciation and even things out with the other categories.
Chama Kou’s glorious 2D artwork above will find its way into the Vending Machine soon!
TFNanCo's creative 3D category winning entry!
TFNanCo's creative 3D category winning entry!
We were super happy to see artists minting and selling their Gal fanart as well! The team would love to see creators making more Galverse fanart and selling it on their NFT platform of choice in the future too.
SeekGoliath's awesome chibi entry - a real buzzer beater that got submitted just on time!
SeekGoliath's awesome chibi entry - a real buzzer beater that got submitted just on time!
Every artist who entered has been sent a POAP claim link. We’re keeping track of Galverse POAPs for something special in the future - so make sure you grab it if you’re eligible!
Special thanks to our amazing guest judges - Betty from Deadfellaz, Clon from Cool Cats, and Naoki Saito from MEGAMI!
klyap's winning 4 panel manga - creative use of panels!
klyap's winning 4 panel manga - creative use of panels!
GeekGirlPyon was the clear community favorite winner with her amazing Gal cosplay!
She provided a running behind-the-scenes look at her cosplay crafting process, which is the kind of creative transparency that Team Galverse really supports!
GeekGirlPyon's community favorite cosplay!
GeekGirlPyon's community favorite cosplay!
Special thanks to our friends at Playbook for creating our custom gallery page of winners and entries!
With a short deadline, they did an amazing job showing off all of the great artwork and putting in a community-favorite voting mechanism too.
Galverse Art Matsuri Gallery
Gals IRL!
Shinsei Galverse makes its J-Drama debut! A group of scrappy business college students decide to make their own NFT project in “Non-Fungible”.
When they need to speak to the experts, they track down Team Galverse’s Emi Kusano for help!
Emi plays herself in this compelling show, which is streaming now!

「 ノンファンジブル 」
Supported by #Yay!



#ノンファンジブル でツイートしてね💗
Our amazing artist Ayaka Ohira has been featured by the massive Meta in their “Creators of Tomorrow” campaign! She shares a bit about her creative process and the content she creates.
Ayaka Ohira | Creators of Tomorrow
Ayaka and Emi were interviewed by Gemini Laboratory!
It’s an awesome, wide-ranging interview covering the creation and release of Shinsei Galverse, what we’re working on in the future, digital fashion, and much more. The English translation is live at the link below.
The Straight Shooting Minds behind "Shinsei Galverse"
An Amazing Month of Collabos!
It’s been a busy month teaming up with projects and spreading Ayaka’s amazing style across the metaverse!
We were honored to be invited to take part in Deadfellaz Infected S2 art collaboration. Every Halloween, Deadfellaz “infects” the work other artists, creating a body of collaborative artworks.
Deadfellaz artist Pysch interprets other collections in Deadfellaz style - and artists like Ayaka do the same in return!
Other Infected S2 artists included ThankyouX, Claire Silver, The Haas Brothers, Vinnie Hager, Mike Shinoda and many other talented superstars.
It was displayed IRL at the Deadfellaz Halloween party in LA, and online in Deadzone 13.
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
Fellaz x Gals!

We partnered up with @Deadfellaz for their awesome Infected S2 collaboration! Ayaka's Dead Gal showed up at their massive party in LA. 💀

Sneak peek for now. Free mint soon™
Stay tuned - Ayaka’s Dead Gal will show up as a free mint within the Shinsei Galverse Vending Machine soon.
We were also thrilled to collabo with one of our team’s favorite collections - Capsule House!
They’re releasing a Card Collection in collaboration with over 100 web3 artists, with a very artist-centric model, splitting royalties with each participating artist.
Ayaka’s ‘Ether Cyborg’ Gal will show up as a rare card in the upcoming Capsule House Card Collection!
新星 🌠 Shinsei Galverse
Galverse x Capsule House! 💊

We are super excited to team up with @capsule_house for their upcoming Card Collection!

They've taken an 'artists first' approach and it shows.

@ayaka_oohira's 'Ether Cyborg' is a rare in the card drop!

✅ 150 ML spots for Gals in our discord!
We’re also super excited to partner with the team at MetaDungeon! They’re working on some unique NFT and gaming tech which we think is really cool. A Galverse boss will show up in the metadungeon game… and there might be some more surprises down the track.
MetaDungeon Galpha Giveaway will be live soon!
MetaDungeon Galpha Giveaway will be live soon!
@MetaDungeon_ x @galverseNFT

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Galverse!

Galverse will be one of our exclusive partners and will have their own boss featured in MetaDungeon.

Those who defeat their mighty boss in the Dungeon will be rewarded handsomely… 🐉
Friends of Galverse!
We welcomed a few friends of Galverse this month. One of the most iconic has to be longtime Gal supporter Steve Aoki - featuring custom dim mak tattoo and the first ever beard in the Galverse!
Tweets of the Month!
Betty is the best! We appreciate the support, horde mother.
I am 100% convinced @galverseNFT is one of the most promising projects in this space.
Sally made this amazing Gal fanart based on a classic woodcut print of Edo women!
Sally Danger | Engineer
A little bit of Edo era fan art— time travel is canonical to @galverseNFT, after all! ✨🛸
Ava did some hacking of her beta VTuber and discovered that Team Galverse were hiding some details in those files - ever wanted to look behind the mask or under those mecha buns?!
Galtuber hack😈🖤


#Galverse #galtuber #hackergal #vtuber
One of the amazing things about the Art Matsuri is that we’ve welcomed a huge new contingent of artists and creators into the Galverse community. Thanks for taking part, and thanks for sticking around!
OMGGG Thank you @galverseNFT for my beautiful Gal!!✨I Love her!! Thank you to the Gals for hosting the #GalverseArtMatsuri event! Super Happy to be part of the community!!💫
The path forward!
A huge month on the Road to WAGMAA! With the store and Vtubers live, we’ve made some wild progress on the Galtech side of things.
Tune in next month for some major news from Team Galverse on the next steps towards WAGMAA..!
And that's it!
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